To avoid even the appearance of a conflict which could tarnish the reputation of the United Way of the Piedmont and/or undermine the public’s trust, United Way of the Piedmont volunteers, staff and representatives act in an ethical manner:

  • We will ensure that travel, entertainment and related expenses are incurred on a basis consistent with the mission of UWP and not for personal gain or interests.
  • We will decline any gift, gratuity of favor in the performance of UWP duties except for promotional items of nominal value, and any food, transportation, lodging or entertainment unless directly related to UWP business.
  • We will refrain from influencing the selection of staff, consultants, or vendors who are relatives or personal friends or affiliated with, employ, or are employed by a person with whom they have a relationship that adversely affects the appearance of impartiality.
  • We will refrain from participating in or influencing any decision or other action of UWP that could result in a direct or indirect benefit to his or her family or any organization with which the employee, volunteer or representative is substantially affiliated.
  • We will ensure that outside employment and other activities do not adversely affect the performance of their UWP duties or the achievement of UWP’s mission. An employee is encouraged to inform her or his supervisor of any significant outside activities. An employee should avoid using UWP to faciliate any outside employment or activity.