Charles Warner | The Union Times Timken Tyger Plant United Way Committee members D.C. Smith, Courtney Canupp, and Jay Farr have recently completed the plant’s United Way Campaign for 2020. The campaign raised a total of $49,000 for the United Way of the Piedmont through contributions by the plant’s employees. The funds raised by the employees will be matched by $49,000 from the Timken Charitable Trust which means the United Way will receive a total of $98,000 through the Timken Tyger River Plant.

By: Charles Warner

UNION COUNTY — When it comes to being a good corporate citizen of Union County few can beat the Timken Tyger River Plant and its employees whose efforts made it possible for the United Way of the Piedmont to receive a donation totalling nearly $100,000.

In a press conference held this past Wednesday at the plant, Timken Tyger River Plant United Way Committee Chair Courtney Canupp and Co-Chairs Jay Farr and D.C. Smith announced the successful completion of the plant’s United Way Campaign for 2020.

Canupp said that the campaign, which began October 21 and concluded on November 2, raised approximately $49,000 in donations by the plant’s employees. She said that when the campaign began, the hope was that 60 percent of the plant’s 264 employees would participate and raise a total of $40,000. As of Wednesday, Canupp said that 63 percent or 172 of the plant’s employees had participated, enabling the campaign to meet and surpass its fundraising goal.

(The funds raised by the plant’s employees for the 2020 Campaign is approximately $13,000 more than the $36,000 raised for 2019 Campaign.)

While $49,000 is an impressive number, $98,000 is even more impressive and that’s what the United Way of the Piedmont is going to get through the Timken Tyger River Plant.

It’s going to get that amount because the Timken Charitable Trust will match the funds raised by the employees of the Timken Tyger River Plant dollar for dollar bringing the total amount to be donated to the United Way to approximately $98,000.

The success of the 2020 Campaign was praised by Timken Tyger River Plant Manager Dale McClelland who credited the efforts of the committee to promote the campaign and encourage their fellow employees to contribute.

“This team did an awesome job with promoting it,” McClelland said. “It was a nice team effort of these three individuals in making this a success.”

The committee hung flyers, talked with their fellow associates about giving, explaining what the funds were going for, and also using information provided by the United Way about the impact on Union County.

Canupp pointed out that in talking to their fellow employees, the committee members told them that donors have the option of designating where they wanted their donations to go. She said that 75 percent said they wanted their donations to used to programs in Union County supported by the United Way.

One of those programs is “Imagination Library,” a program started by singer/actress Dolly Parton that provides books to families with young children. Canupp said her six-year-old son has received a book through the program.

In celebration of the success of the campaign, a dinner will be held Thursday for all the donors, each of whom will receive a t-shirt. There will also be drawings for gift cards, Timken branded merchandise, and for a very special prize: a paid week off from work.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Nice as that dinner, those t-shirts, gift cards, branded merchandise, and week’s vacation are, however, there is an even nicer reward for raising those funds for the United Way.

“They do so much for our county,” Canupp said. “It feels good knowing that this ($98,000) is going to such a good cause.”

Through employee donations and matching funds

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