United Way of the Piedmont

Who We Are

United Way of the Piedmont is a private, not-for-profit organization governed by a local board of volunteers. Our services cover three counties: Cherokee, Spartanburg and Union. Our mission is to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another.
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What We Do

Impact community--to change people's lives

United Way of the Piedmont is providing funding to 132 programs in 75 agencies to address health and human service needs in Spartanburg, Cherokee and Union counties.

Foster partnerships--to address community issues

Each year, United Way of the Piedmont invests in collaborative efforts with other community organizations to resolve numerous issues that face the communities we serve.

Promote volunteerism--to utilize our most precious resource

Last year, United Way of the Piedmont helped facilitate over 69,000 hours of volunteer time valued at $1.3 million.

Develop resources--to fund programs that address critical issues

United Way partners with over 200 businesses and thousands of individual donors to ensure that funding is available to programs that are delivering measurable outcomes to the communities we serve.

Inform and educate--to increase community knowledge

United Way's Information and Referral Service that provides human service professionals and individuals in need with individualized referrals to community organizations that can address specific problems.  In 2009, United Way of the Piedmont provided over 1,000 referrals.

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Agency Events

Poverty Simulation

Will you start out the month with only $10 to meet your family’s basic needs? … Or, will you be one of the unlucky ones?  You’ll find out when you join us for a unique opportunity to experience the virtual realities of poverty. 

United Way of the Piedmont will host a Poverty Simulation on March 10, 2015. This learning tool has been created as a way to help people understand the realities of poverty.  During the simulation, participants role-play the lives of low-income families.  Some are TANF recipients, some are disabled, and some are senior citizens on Social Security. Participants will have to provide for basic necessities and shelter on a limited budget during the course of four 15-minute “weeks.”  They interact with volunteers serving as human service agencies, grocers, pawnbrokers, bill collectors, job interviewers, police officers, and others. 

Although play money is used, the simulation is not a game.  It is a simulation that enables participants to look at poverty from a variety of angles and then to recognize and discuss the potential for change within their local communities.  The simulation was designed to sensitize those who frequently deal with low-income families, as well as to create a broader awareness of the realities of poverty among policymakers, community leaders, and others.   

We invite you to participate in the Poverty Simulation and we think you will find it provides an intriguing opportunity to describe a very real challenge to our community.  

The simulation is most appropriate for adults.  There are often situations and conversations that are not appropriate for children under the age of 18.

The simulation is very dependent on the number of people who participate, so you MUST pre-register here in order to ensure your spot in the simulation.

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March 10, 2015 From 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM
Northwest Community Center
701 Saxon Avenue
SC , 29306
Molly Moyer

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Contact Information

Address Information
P.O. Box 5624
Spartanburg, SC 29304
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Friday 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Contact: Doug Eberhart
Contact Title: President & CEO
Phone: 864-582-7556
Email: mmoyer@uwpiedmont.org

United Way of the Piedmont is located on 203 E. Main St., Downtown Spartanburg in Denny's Tower. 

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