A Crash Course in the 10 Basic Responsibilities of a Non-profit Board of Directors

We can’t assume that all new board members come to the table with a full understanding of their obligations. High-functioning agencies provide orientation for new board members, but orientation is often based on the assumption that people have board experience. Proper training and clarity about responsibilities is key in cultivating an effective board of directors.

United Way of the Piedmont is offering a free, workshop on the basics of boardsmanship to community volunteers. The curriculum is based on the Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards published by BoardSource and other national and regional resources. While attendees will not leave this brief class an expert on boardsmanship, they will at least be exposed to basic concepts and practices. This class is an appropriate foundation for agency board orientation.


Trainings are held quarterly at United Way of the Piedmont. Contact Heather Witt for dates or to schedule a board training.

Free of charge for individuals affiliated with non-profit organizations in Spartanburg, Cherokee or Union Counties