In May, 2014, United Way Young Leaders secured a grant from The Spartanburg County Foundation to install fourteen Born Learning Trails all across Spartanburg County. In addition, Young Leaders raised funds and had those funds matched by Young Philanthropists in Greenville County to install two more Born Learning Trails in the County.

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Description of Born Learning Trail:

The Born Learning Trail is a set of 10 engaging signs to help parents and caregivers create learning opportunities for young children. These trails show parents and caregivers how to turn everyday activities into learning moments.

Each sign displays fun and interactive games promoting physical activity that exercises a child’s mind and body. Each sign has learning activities that parents or caregivers can play with young children at different ages. In front of each sign are drawings that correspond to activities on the sign.

Why it’s important:

Children are learning all the time. The idea behind the trail is to turn those everyday moments into learning experiences. Research has shown that parents who interact regularly with their young children are helping them be better prepared to start school. A child’s language skills can be increased when caregivers ask questions, use rhymes and talk about what they are doing, even if it’s household tasks. Even folding laundry can be a fun time of learning when the parent engages the child in the right way.

The goal of installing these trails is to build awareness around the importance of childhood education while addressing one of the improvements needed to increase kindergarten readiness – improving family and caregiver ability to support social and language development in young children. Born Learning Trails may be used by all in the community.

Born Learning Trails support the mission of United Way of the Piedmont by connecting families to resources and engaging volunteers in the important work of improving education in our community.