Over 100 volunteers helped make this year’s Community Investment Process a success!

United Way of the Piedmont invests donor dollars from the Community Impact Fund through our Community Investment Process (CIP). The CIP is designed to provide funding for specific programs delivered by nonprofit organizations that can demonstrate measurable results and impact on specific community issues. Funds provided through CIP are intended to support the direct and indirect (management & general) costs associated with the delivery of a specific program within an organization. Community Impact dollars are not intended for capital expenses or an organization’s general deficit funding.

Councils have been established to oversee community investment and community initiatives within three specific priority areas. These councils are comprised of community volunteers representing a variety of expertise and backgrounds. Programs submitted by local agencies are evaluated annually by the appropriate council who in turn provides the United Way’s Board of Directors with recommended levels of investment. This evaluation is based on the Peter Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management’s Five Question Format:

1. What is the program’s mission?
2. Who is the program’s customer?
3. What does the customer value?
4. What are the program’s results?
5. What is the program’s plan?

Organization’s interested in receiving Community Impact Fund dollars submit a detailed program application built around the Five Question Format for panel review. If you would like to receive more information regarding applying for United Way Community Impact funding, please contact us at (864) 582-7556.

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