Women United is a donor network that recognizes and further engages women who invest $1,000 or more annually in United Way of the Piedmont’s (UWP) Community Impact Fund.  Women United members actively shape our community’s future through giving, advocacy, and volunteerism.  Led by a volunteer advisory board, Women United members participate in volunteer opportunities, social events, education sessions, and other United Way sponsored events.  In 2019, this donor network selected to take on the specific challenge of stabilizing families, particularly those headed by single women living in poverty.  Women United members will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the challenges these women face in addressing the cliff effect.  The cliff effect, simply put, occurs when the value of public assistance outweighs the gain from an increase in wages.  The cliff effect is an example of a complex issue that United Way of the Piedmont, through the generosity of its donors, can work to address.

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Cliff Effect

The cliff effect occurs when an increase in wage is less than the amount immediately lost in public assistance. Common sense tells all of us that a raise should be a good thing, however for many in our community, an increase in wage equates to a lower standard of living. The increase in wage does not cover all the basic needs which public assistance did cover.

For example, if a single mother gets a job that pays $8 an hour, she is going to be able to cover all her family’s basic needs with her paycheck and what she qualifies for in food stamps and housing vouchers, but as she gets promoted or gets higher paying jobs, she will likely reach a point where the benefits lost will surpass her increased pay. .

Through the generous investment made by Michelin plant located in Spartanburg, United Way of the Piedmont’s team will be able to begin to assist women in our local community who find themselves in this predicament. Over the next three years, we will better understand what changes need to be made in order to remove barriers so that a raise is exactly that…a step up versus falling off a cliff.

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