Relying on once-a-month disability checks and a part-time job as her only source of income, Dateria Jackson has always shied away from the extra cost of renters insurance.

Without that safety net − one most renters in America don’t have − the woman found herself in a bind when the Feb. 6 tornado flung a tree through the home she leases in Spartanburg on Briarcliff Road.

Suddenly displaced, the woman needed some support to get back on her feet. A national business and a local nonprofit reached down and picked her up.

When Jackson called the moving company U-Haul to inquire about options for stowing away her belongings while she stayed with an aunt, Jackson expected to have to fork over a monthly fee for a storage unit.

Instead, she learned that the national chain provides free storage space for 30 days to victims of natural disasters, such as flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes.